A way to make your funds work with DoFinance

Nowadays, there are many ways to make your funds profitable. For example, two of the most popular options are cryptocurrency and stocks. However, in order to make a profit in those ways, you need to have some knowledge of the market and keep your finger on the pulse, only then will you start earning income. However, DoFinance can offer a completely different path, a path in which you can be an absolute beginner and not have to spend long hours understanding how the market works. In this blog, you will find out how to start your financial journey with DoFinance and make your money work for you.

Why make your money work?

Everyone knows the expression “You need to make your money work”, but what does this actually mean? Why should you make your money work, instead of keeping it safe in your bank account? The answer is quite simple: prices continue to rise over the years, diminishing the value of your savings. The ideal story that the money in the savings account in the bank is safely stored, and interest rates will continue to increase the capital sum – is simply no longer true.

The reason for this is inflation. Just imagine that you are working hard to create savings and take care of your family’s future and then someone suddenly takes half of your funds. Inflation can have a similar impact every year, leading to a reduction in real terms of the value of your safely secured savings. The topic of inflation is especially relevant now, during a severe economic crisis and the injection of trillions of currency units by world central banks. The logical solution for capital protection is – investment.

How to invest without any knowledge?

Very easily! DoFinance is the right place for people, who truly want to start investing, but don’t know where to start. For beginners, there is an easy tutorial to follow: then register on the DoFinance website, add documents to pass verification, and add funds to begin. Once you have added funds to your investor’s account, you can start investing. We also recommend that you use one of DoFinance Auto Invest plans, details of which can be found in our previous blog. Of course, beginners may have a lot of questions or concerns about the platform, but don’t worry, DoFinance has a blog dedicated to the theme of how to make the first investment.

If you still have questions about how to make your first investment, then our team is always open to questions. You can contact us on our social media, on our Telegram channel, or in our online chat.

What DoFinance offers

As many of you already know, DoFinance specializes in investing in customer loans. More about how the whole platform works can be found on our explanation blog. Those of you who are familiar with the company will remember that we offer two programs, offering annual return rates of 10% and 13%. Investing in these programs each month, you will receive profit for current loans, and the BuyBack will be applied for loans whose due dates exceed 60 days. The main difference between the programs is investment terms.

We are happy to announce a limited program where you can earn 15% per annum. The new investment program allows you to invest for a fixed term of 2 months. After 2 months your principal and earned profit will be in ‘Your Available Funds’ and you will be able to reinvest or withdraw the respective amount. It is an amazing opportunity to start your journey with DoFinance, but please note that this great program will only be available for one month!

Please note, that all investments contain high risks, and they should not be considered as the main source of income.