Updates on Portfolio recovery in Poland and Indonesia


Updates on Portfolio recovery in Poland and Indonesia.

 DoFinance updates the investors about the retrieval of Poland and Indonesia based loan portfolio. As for Poland all findings and conclusions are based on the data from Polish Loan Originators as well as their legal support office regarding the defaulted portfolio recovery. 

Indonesia recoveries are based on report of Loans Originator.

Provided below is full breakdown of costs and transactions in invested portfolio from start of extraordinary events until today.

Figure 1: Table of investors repayment movements as of 30.06.2022.



Poland Loan Originators court collections report.

According to Loan originators reports, within the time frame from March to April 2020, when COVID19 pandemic started, loan repayments from original borrowers deteriorated substantially and Loan originators in Poland stopped issuing new loans and imposed swift cost cutting.

Above mentioned collected amounts represent net collected result that has been transferred to investors as repayments of investments or paid out profits on the said investments.  After halting the process of new loan issuance, in order to stimulate repayments to DoFinance investors, Loan Originators in Poland resorted to the collection of outstanding loans through court proceedings, with the help of law office services. Loan Originators are currently using the services of Guderski law office in that regard.

What concerns the quantitative part – In the table attached below you can see total Poland loan portfolio collections of delayed loans through court proceedings and all costs attributed to the said collections that are paid by Loan Originators. Please note that as portfolio assigned to Dofinance investors comprise only part of total portfolio in collection, then only proportionate part of court fees and costs is attributed to Dofinance.

Figure 2: DoFinance has requested Poland Loan Originators and Law office representatives to prepare monthly reports for collected loan amounts and associated costs.

According to the loan originator reports, all retrieved funds from non-assigned portfolios are used for creditor payments and costs associated with business continuation that is in line only with the best interests of investors. None of the funds have been distributed to beneficial owners of Loan Originators.

Possible solutions for the future is that Loan Originators in Poland sell their portfolio. In such a case there would be a one time income, and the costs of further collection would be borne by the buyer of the portfolio. Up until now Loan Originators have had 2 attempts to sell their portfolios, but the price offered was less than 10% from the principal.

Dofinance will keep their investors updated as much as possible, however one must note that also Dofinance and Loan Originators have reduced their operating costs to a very minimum, keeping in mind the best interests of the investors.

This sheds more light on the situation with loan recollections, however, the end result is yet to be achieved. We are doing everything possible to achieve this as soon as it is possible bearing the best interests of DoFinance investors in mind. DoFinance highly values its esteemed investors and their resilience in the face of the aftermath of the events of 2020. DoFinance wishes to its investors to stay healthy and strong. Do not forget to follow our blog for more entries on the portfolio recovery. More updates to follow soon!