TOP 20 P2P Lending Bloggers and Influencers You Should Follow in 2018

P2P lending continues to grow and is becoming an alternative source of investment to traditional bank approach. From its origin in the UK by the Zopa lending company, this trend has taken over the European market by storm.

And with P2P lending becoming so popular, along came P2P bloggers, mostly financial experts who understand the market. Their aim is to enlighten you about P2P lending and help you find the best P2P platforms to invest in.

If you want to venture into P2P lending, here are the top 20 P2P lending bloggers and influencers you should follow in 2018

 Lars – Passives Einkommen mit P2P

You won’t find better P2P platform reviewers than Lars and his team. If you take a look at the Mintos review, for instance, they’ll know it’s a platform that Lars has tried and tested. He even shares the performance of his portfolio just in case you are interested.

If you want to know more, you’ll find more reviews on the likes of Bondora, Viainvest, Auxmoney, Twino, and more popular P2P platforms. In addition, there are plenty of articles to give you tips on P2P loans and passive income strategies. About Dofinance read here.

Lars is all over on social media; on Facebook, Skype, Instagram, XING, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Apart from his blog, he’s done guests posts on other articles, interviewed in various blogs/podcasts and done Youtube videos.

In short, Lars is someone you can never miss online and if you’re interested in P2P, he’ll be a great companion.

Lars says: “An investment in P2P loans is a great addition to the classic stock portfolio as it diversifies the overall portfolio on the one hand and enhances it with a good return on investment on the other.”

Stefan – P2P Kredite

Stefan is a private investor who likes to share his own P2P investment experiences on p2p-kredite. This blog brings you closer to the world of P2P lending since it covers almost all, if not everything, in the field of P2P investment.

The site itself is well organized into different pages from the “Home” to “What are P2P loans”, “Invest in P2P loans”, “Borrow Credit”, “Platforms”, and the “Investments Blog”.

Beginners visiting the site can start with acquainting themselves with P2P loans, how they work, then jump into the immediate list of P2P lending platforms on the site and start investing. Professional investors can find real value in Stefan’s monthly reviews about the performance of various P2P platforms.

With that said, keeping up with Stefan will arm you with the tools of trade for the longterm.


 Vincent – Freaky Finance

At Freaky Finance, Vincent covers topics around finance, travel and routines. His goal is to help you attain financial freedom through asset accumulation.

He offers free financial coaching with tips, knowledge and shares his own experiences that will give you direction on becoming a successful private investor.

There are various article categories on his blog including P2P lending, passive income, property, financial freedom, and more. Freaky Finance can be found on all social media plattforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, google+ and YouTube. You can also subscribe to the freaky finance weekly update called „Die Finanzbombe“ (FinanceBomb) to make sure not to miss any hot topics.

Vincent says: “I like asset diversification to secure what I built up in the past 20 years. P2P-Lending is definitely one of the most exciting and profitable ways to diversify your assets 🙂 “


 Tobias – Der Finanzfisch

Tobias enjoys talking finance and you can feel that the moment you are on the home page of his blog. The man jokes of being a financial fish, swimming in topics around financial education, financial knowledge, saving and asset accumulation.

On the blog, he reflects on his own financial experiences and gives his opinions on the same matter. Catch up with him on crowdfunding news and events happening in various countries across Europe.

You can also find links to several P2P platforms, of which you can support his blog by simply clicking on any of the ones listed.

Tobias says: “In 2018, P2P lending is a state of the art possibility to increase portfolio diversification and overall portfolio return rate. Investments on P2P lending platforms complete my portfolio since 2016.”


Claus – P2P Banking

If you want to go big, I mean international, then Claus is the man to follow. You can find him on p2p-banking and he’s the main contributor and editor of the blog.

Claus started the P2PBanking blog back in 2007 and established a fast growing readership among the P2P investment community across the world. With topics such as “P2P Lending Services Open to International, Non-Resident Investors” you can find a long list of international platforms to invest in.

If you live in the UK, you defiantly enjoy an abundance of P2P lending services.

However if you come from other European markets, then you can count on Claus to help you invest in the right place.


Kristi – money is your friend

Kristi is a teacher of Economics at a high school in Estonia. She owns, a blog where she expresses her thoughts on P2P lending services.

She herself is an investor on various sites, including Twino and Mintos, and here you can find her own experiences and comparisons between the two Latvian P2P portals.

That’s not all, she’s got links to some of the most popular P2P services in Europe, including Bondora, Viainvest, Bulkestate and Digitalocean.

Why should you follow Kristi?

Simple! She’s got a great understanding of personal finance plus hands-on knowledge in P2P lending.


Gerry – P2P HERO

Gerry brings you up to date with current news from all around the P2P world, including the UK, rest of Europe and as far as Australia.

On the blog, Gerry recommends only the P2P platforms he’s invested in and the ones he believes are really good, including the likes of Mintos, Estate Guru, Lendix, Fellow Finance and more.

Being an affiliate of over 15 platforms, you can support the blog by signing up in any of the recommended platforms and, in turn, he gets a small amount. All in all, you’ll benefit from regular P2P updates via newsletter without any harm.


Michel –

As the publisher of, Michel Harms aims to inform about crowdfunding and continues to spread the idea of this type of investment. He entered the space of crowdfunding in 2005 while undertaking his studies in economics and marketing, and published his master’s thesis on motivation in crowdfunding in 2007.

Today, Michel helps enthusiast investors find the right crowdfunding platforms quickly and easily. He’s gathered over 100 crowdfunding platforms with different models to look at.

In addition, you’ll find a list of crowdfunding projects on the blog, which you can contribute to in the right away. These include current crowdfunding projects, startup investments, real estate investments, energy investments and more.

Whether you want to keep up with crowdfunding news, read success stories, or participate in crowdfunding events, Michel and his team provides everything comprehensively.



Thorben is an all-round individual with interests in stock markets, P2P loans, real estate investment, and passive income streams which he talks about on his blog.

With a mission to empower thousands of people financially, Thorben gives tips on investing in shares, bonds, raw materials, and P2P platforms such as Mintos, Bondora and Viainvest.

To top up your knowledge and give good insights, he recommends to read books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Money – Master the Game by Tony Robbins”.

Have you ever asked yourself why you need to invest? Where to invest? And how to save your returns? For this and other trending news (and if you are not limited to P2P investments), never miss a single post by Thorben.


Explore P2P

On Explore P2P blog, the author provides P2P news and insights on regular basis. In fact, you can get more P2P investment tips, news and offers by subscribing to his free quarterly newsletter.

If you are ready to invest, you can compare the different platforms on his blog. You can start by reading the latest reviews on different platforms, so you know the pros and cons of each of these platforms.

In short, Explore P2P will help you find the best investment opportunities and offers that match your requirements.


Boris – Finlord

Boris is a CFA with 10 years of experience in financial markets. His interests are analysis of financial products, investment ideas, stock markets, companies and events, all described on his site.

The financial market is dynamic, and being ahead of the game counts big time. Boris always comments on any fluctuations on the market, economic developments and commodities.

For startup P2P investors, you can benefit from educational packages that show you the precise procedures to follow for investments, processes, benefits, pros and possible impacts. In addition, he covers topics in insurance, mortgages, savings and mutual funds.


Oskar – Lending School

Lending School is one of the longest running and most popular P2P loan websites. The site gives free knowledge and keeps you up to date on P2P investments. P2P investors and beginners can learn a lot here via a free email course and regular newsletters.

On the blog, Oskar gives weekly news and posts articles with useful tips to keep you informed, such as taxation on P2P loans, and crowd-lending news. The site also has numerous P2P platforms that German investors can access. If you come from this part of Europe, then pay attention to this blog right here.


 Bastian – Talerbox

Bastian is a great educator. He not only offers financial coaching in writing but also puts the ideas in video form. If reading is not enough for you, you can back it up with informational videos on this sites YouTube channel.

The offers on this blog include guides and knowledge on P2P loans, Bitcoins & Co., reviews, passive investing and more. Apart from these benefits, you can actually become an affiliate to the blog and make some commission by recommending Bastian’s products.

Bastian’s tips for new investors:

– automate your finance / investments (Auto-Invest)
– its better to invest regular (once a month) instead of only one time


Daniel – Finanzrocker

Rock yourself to P2P lending, asset growth, human capital, and Fintech by reading related articles done by Daniel at Additionally, you can listen to Daniel’s two podcasts, “Finanzrocker” and “The Finanwesir rocks”. By the way, there are over 100 episodes of these podcasts.

Here you can learn Daniel’s investment journey that will motivate you to do better in your future investment endeavors. By paying attention to his blog, you’ll benefit from extensive knowledge in financial management and get access to rocker products.

His articles are really easy to read and understand – the topics are casual, with titles such as Time is Money. Only until you dig in and realize there’s a lot you don’t know. The blog itself is simple and you can navigate to any point with a single click.

This investment advisor is worth every follow if you want to learn the P2P basics.



Alfonso – Invertir como un millennial

Alfonso is every millennial’s dream partner in business. If you belong in the age bracket of 21 and 35 years old, then you got to follow this experienced tech and investment addict.

All the way from Spain on his site he talks about P2P lending, real estate crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and robo-advisors. Clearly, this is the environment millennials operate in these days. But even if you are a bit older, Alfonso will educate you on new investment trends in the Fintech environment.

You can follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or subscribe to their email list so you never miss anything they post.


Tomas – Welltrado

On blog Welltrado, Tomas introduces you to P2P lending sites in a simple manner that rather looks complicated on other sites. Among the several sites we’ve come across, Welltrado is simplest to use.

If you already want to start investing, this is the best place to look at. There are simple tables on the site that allow you to compare your yearly returns from various sites depending on the amount you invest.

One major reason to follow Tomas is that you’ll also get informed about various platforms through detailed reviews. So rather than just jumping into a platform and later realize it wasn’t the best, Tomas puts all the options open for you to decide.

Plus he gives weekly P2P news and updates so you can always keep up with the market trends.


Daniel – We’re Sucking Diesel

Don’t think too much about the blog’s name. If there’s anything to suck here, it’s money from P2P lending sites in form of profits.

On this blog, Daniel covers a wide range of topics including finance, online shopping, technology and travel. When it comes to P2P lending, you’ll find useful reviews on various platforms as well as other lending-related news.

There are also news articles about banks such as N26 and they might be quite useful if you come from the N26 operational areas in Europe. Anyway, if you are interested in news and events in the finance and technology.

Daniel will always keep you informed.


Thomas – Finanzfluss

Some of us prefer visual aid unlike just reading. In this case, Finazfluss youtube channel is the place to be. The host goes by the name Thomas and this is where he puts various ideas into perspective, including comprehensive P2P lending video courses, financial courses and tips, and talk about money in general.

Keep in mind You have understand German for you to grasp the handy information.

With that said, you can also follow Thomas on Twitter, Instagram and find him on Google+.


Vladimir – HurtLockerPro investing

Vladmir is a professional trader and financial analyst. He’s been trading on the Forex currency market for more than 5 years and now runs a company that offers investment services to other individuals and companies. And shares his knowledge on his site.

Their services include managing investment portfolios, trust management, strategy analysis, development of financial programs, and training.

As a company, they offer paid packages where they take a small percentage of your investment. In our opinion, the program is better suited to companies rather than individuals. So if your company wants genuine investment opportunities, you can bank your trust in this leader of financial markets.


Rasmus – Pengepugeren

Rasmus writes on a Danish blog Pengepugeren, where he shares his own knowledge and provides great ideas for anyone who’s interested in attaining financial independence by actively managing their personal finances.

As a matter of fact, he’s developed his own ‘financial independence calculator’ where you can measure your prerequisites and see where you are on this path.

It’s actually fun to be around this guy and you can follow him on every known social media platform; Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and others you’ll find on his site.




That’s it! The above are the top 20 P2P bloggers to keep an eye on come 2018. As you’ve seen, they all have different interests and styles.

Some are only into P2P lending while others are financial market explorers, venturing into crowdfunding, property, stocks, and passive income opportunities.

All in all, these bloggers share a common goal – they want to help you find the best investment opportunities.

Do you know other interesting P2P bloggers that we haven’t mentioned?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.