New Programs

Hello, Investors!

Great news, now you can earn up to 13%!

We are introducing two new programs – 10% and 13%. Investing in these programs each month you will receive profit for current loans, and the BuyBack will be applied for loans whose due dates exceed 60 days. The main difference between the programs is investment terms.
*Please see the terms of each program on our website.

Also, we have made DoFinance an official Telegram channel. Find the channel ‘DoFinance’ and join this channel to discuss all open questions with DoFinance.

More news in 2021

Starting this year we have implemented more changes in the system to make investor’s accounts more convenient for them to use and even more transparent. Now investors are able to see detailed status of underlying loans (by clicking on the particular investment) and demographic data of borrowers (by going to the Cession No.).

Loan Originators have divided loan statuses such as ‘Current’, ‘Internal collection’, ‘External collection’, ‘Court’, ‘Court’, ‘Bailiff collection’ and ‘Completed’.

  • ‘Current’ – Loan is active and the due date has not arrived;
  • ‘Internal collection’ – Loan collection is happening within the company of Loan Originator;
  • ‘External collection’ – Loan collection is happening through professional debt-management companies;
  • ‘Court’ – Delayed loan is submitted to the court;
  • ‘Bailiff collection’ – Court process was successful and in case the borrower will receive salary or any other income, the respective amount will be transferred to the Bailiff account, then to Loan Originator, afterward to DoFinance.

If you will have any questions, please always contact us via email, website chat or WhatsApp.

All the best,
DoFinance team