How to make your first investment with DoFinance

Starting something new is always a big deal, especially when it comes to investing money. In 2021 there are a lot of companies that offer a wide range of services and promise to make a profit as fast as possible. DoFinance offers a safe and proven service of money investment and this article will tell you about the first steps to become a DoFinance investor.

Closer look at DoFinance

DoFinance is an innovative and fast-growing global FinTech player in online investment management devoted to building the most technology-advanced platform for easy and smart investing. The company operates under the Alfa Finance Group which was founded six years ago by two brothers who decided to merge their knowledge and experience to create an original and modern financial services company, allowing anyone to become his or her own investor and financial director, in a safe, easy and smart way

The business core is consumer loans and P2P investment platform services for private individuals. DoFinance has successfully expanded to Poland, Georgia, and Indonesia, with a total of more than 1,769,000 registered clients and over EUR 100 million in loans issued as financing. The Alfa Finance Group is growing all the time, and over the next few years, the company plans to expand operations into other European and Asian markets.

A good start

For those who are unsure of depositing money to any company for a long period, DoFinance is a great place to explore the crowdfunding industry. The minimum deposit is only 10 euros, which gives you a chance to invest a small amount and see how the system works.

People can often get stressed after depositing a lot of money and, if nothing happens after only a few days, they can begin to panic. Remember that the money is being invested over a set time period. It is also really important to remember that investing can’t be taken as a full-time job or as an income replacement.

Good thing that you should know at DoFinance

DoFinance has many advantages compared to its competitors. Firstly and very importantly, there are no fees for investing. Yes, it really is true and it doesn’t matter how much you deposit. Please note that if you reach the limits of €10,000 or €50,000, some additional documents will be required, but there is still no extra fee. There are a lot of loans that can be invested in, with a range of duration starting from 2 up to 84 months.

DoFinance offers customers the chance to invest in short-term consumer loans and recommends using one of its Auto Invest plans depending on your desired return rate, term, and flexibility, more about the auto-invest tool you can read here.

One step away from your first investment

DoFinance cares about its customers, so the company policy is clear and available for reading on the website. All the borrowers are strictly checked before being added to the system, reducing any potential risks about the whole DoFinance investment system.

In case of any questions or doubts about investing, please feel free to contact the company’s manager or you can place your question on our Telegram channel and get the answer in a short period of time. Stay safe and invest together with DoFinance.

Please note, that all investments contain high risks, and they should not be considered as the main source of income.