Main cornerstones of securing impeccable operation of P2P platform

Development of secure business model

DoFinance is operating as Peer-to-peer platform offering their Investors to invest in small short-term consumer loans issued to private individuals. These loans are issued by lending companies in Poland and Indonesia that are licenced and duly supervised by Consumer protection agencies and Financial markets supervision bodies in respective countries. These lenders do belong to Alfa Finance group and operate under TaniKredyt and KreditCepat brand names. Both companies since start of operations have issued already more than 82 mil EUR in loans to their customers.

Both lenders have state-of-the-art credit risk scoring systems as well as advanced solutions for secure identification of the customers including face recognition and verification through their bank accounts. Such thorough verification process secures good loan recovery possibilities in case of repayment delays.

Our offices located in Riga, Warsaw and Jakarta are employing more than 150 employees and are always welcoming our Investors and partners to visit our offices. During the last year we have had several visits from our Investors that are writing blogs about our industry in our offices in Riga, Jakarta and Warsaw.

How buy-back is adopted

Every investment made in DoFinance platform comes with buy-back right provided by our Loan Originators. In order to secure buy-back in cases of loan repayment delay and ability to profitably grow, our Loan Originators are investing their own balance sheet funds in loans alongside to DoFinance Investors. Furthermore, Loan Originators receive interest rate spread between interest paid by borrower and interest received by investor. This margin secures the covering of operational costs, provisions for delayed loans and Loan Originators profit.

Loan Originators have significant part in every issued loan and currently Loan Originators ensure more than 35% own balance sheet investment in portfolio after provisions for doubtful debts.

TaniKredyt and KreditCepat brands operate only in short term consumer loans lending to private individuals and are not issuing risky loans to third companies.

Who founded DoFinance

Founders of DoFinance and Alfa Finance group are entrepreneurs with long and extensive experience in bank management, finance consulting and risk management areas. They have developed successful businesses in real estate in Latvia and trading business in Europe and Asia. Founders have invested extensive efforts and finance resources while building Alfa Finance group and securing licencing of Loan Originators in Poland and Indonesia. Impeccable reputation of DoFinance founders is one of the main cornerstones for licencing as well as gaining Investors trust in DoFinance and Alfa Finance group.

Verification of DoFinance Investors

To become an Investor for DoFinance, every new client is verified according to strict KYC (Know-Your-Client) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) procedures. Transparent source of investments is of key importance for securing stable and long-term cooperation among DoFinance and its servicing banks. DoFinance is keeping highest standards in banking relationships.

DoFinance provides top-class service to its Investors

Investors can do smart-and-easy investments in DoFinance platform without any hidden commission and other costs. Investors receive clear and understandable buy-back guarantee in case of loan repayment delays. Until today more than 1000 active Investors from all Europe have trusted DoFinance with their investments already more than 7,5 mil EUR. DoFinance and Loan Originators continue their growth and are welcoming new investments from Investors in the EU and EEA. In case of any questions our customers can receive prompt help in our chat on the DoFinance website or by mail to Ieva, or