Status update and the performance of invested funds until 01.05.2020

Last year was a rough period for the investment sector. During that time, loan originators listed in the DoFinance platform were working hard and testing different debt collection strategies to ensure that there is an actual outcome of that. In the new DoFinance blog, you will find out how the pandemic affected the company, what… Read More Status update and the performance of invested funds until 01.05.2020

Spring Offer 15%

Hello, Investors! Great news! We are introducing you to a new investment program where you can earn 15% per annum. The new investment program allows you to invest in the fixed term – 2 months, after 2 months your principal and earned profit will be in ‘Your Available Funds’ and you will be able to… Read More Spring Offer 15%

New Programs

Hello, Investors! Great news, now you can earn up to 13%! We are introducing two new programs – 10% and 13%. Investing in these programs each month you will receive profit for current loans, and the BuyBack will be applied for loans whose due dates exceed 60 days. The main difference between the programs is… Read More New Programs

Webinar recording is now available

Dear Investor, Please follow this link to watch the webinar. You will hear the answers to the most common questions and general update about DoFinance. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us – Have a wonderful day! DoFinance Team